Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog Blogger Blogland Part of Social Media Networking of Today

Blog Blogger Blogland is Part of Social Media Networking of Today. Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams!

At this time I know I am discussing a bit about Blog and Blogging, also your Seo, and Social Media Networking, but it is kind of coming together if you will bear with me everyone. One post will usually lead into another. That is sometimes, not all of the time. I try, and do the best that I can.

Why you may ask should it be covered. Social Media, and Social Networking is a growing thing, and still growing today. It is done in many forms. Everyone has places they are involved with, places they participate in, areas they like to work with, places they keep in touch with, and etc. Believe it, or not it is all helpful. Some of what you do with participating is really helpful to not only the sites, but also to you. It has been mentioned by many that doing all of this is good for those who do Online Sales, for Marketing, your Brick and Mortar Stores, and etc.

So, one of the questions is Why Blog, and should I be Blogging? Yes, there are many reasons that you should Blog. I will try not to bore you with all of it, and to keep it simple too. 1) Social Media or Social Networking is one reason for it. Blogging has become another form of Social Media which is like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and places like that. 2) Another reason to Blog is that is gets you published. Getting published is by working with certain things in regards to your SEO that get you noticed in search engine rankings, and etc. 3) Another reason to Blog is getting your message of what you want to share out there to others who would like to also read it, learn from it, and share with it too. Remember that there is no right, or wrong message to put out there. It just all depends on the message that you wish to share, and how you would like others to be able to relate with it too. 4) Blogging has become another way of sharing tips, questions, answers, and tutorials. 5) Blogging has also become a great way for Teachers, and Students to share pictures, class notes, and work. 

Blogging is versatile also. It is not just for one form of a profession, but is for many forms. People who use Blogs as a form of social media, and networking is Online Sellers, Brick and Mortar Store Owners, Small Companies, Big Companies, Journalists, Photographers, Writers, Publishers, and etc. Many people have turned to the forms of Blogging as the Social Media Networking area keeps growing. 

Choosing the right platform is something that you will have to do yourself. Consider which platform is best for you, your needs, and with your capabilities of the use of the platform too. The more popular platforms that you see many using is with Blogger.com and also with Wordpress.com. Another growing platform that some have found use in is with Tumblr.com. Choosing the platform that will work for you all depends on what you have in mind for using your blog for, your goals, and the ease in which you wish to have for your followers, and you to use too. 

1) Tumblr is a platform with Social Media of simple, and quick posts. Some of the themes are free, and then there are some premium paid themes too. There are no additional plug ins used to add any additional features to your Blog. This is known as a nice place to use for your casual internet presence. 

2) Word Press is another platform for a more serious blogger to use. There are 2 forms of Word Press that can be considered which is WordPress.org, and also WordPress.com. The .com of Word Press is the hosted service of software, and has the basic features offered for free. It does display ads on your blog unless you would like to purchase an ad-free upgrade. The .org is the home of software. You get complete control, and flexibility with this one. You could download the software that needs to be installed on a web hosting server for it to work. Such places like Go Daddy, Blue Host, and etc. 

3) Blogger of course is another free service chosen by many as well. With Blogger you do not have to have certain plug ins in order to have certain features. You are allowed up to 20 pages with Blogspot, or also known as Blogger. They are static pages that you use. You are also allowed up to 100 blogs per account. Just like with Word Press there are pros, and cons to using this platform as well. 

As is visual I myself am using Blogspot, or Blogger. I have a blog with Word Press also, but I favor the Blogger one more. I am use to Blogger because in reality I have had my blog since 2009, and worked with it more. I enjoy the ease of use of things, find it a little easier to navigate around with Blogger, and upon working with my Blog and things I can also make this show in search engines as well. Yes, wordpress does show too. It's all in some of the things you apply to everything you do which we are learning about a little at a time here. 

Our holiday weekend is soon here. I wish you all well with the weekend by being safe, enjoying it, and having fun too. Take care, and thank you for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams! See you all again soon. 


  1. I'm so glad you're talking about this, I need to learn about SEO! I will be checking in quite often!

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for visiting Diane, and hope to see you again soon. Right now I am covering some of the social media and social network (been working on pre-scheduling some of my posts)...anyway, sharing how it effects us, why it can be good, the benefits, and it all honestly is good for SEO too. The more involved we are with places...being active, sharing, noting, and so on...not only is it good for the site, but it is also very good for us - our name too.

    An example I experienced myself was when I once placed 1st on page 1 in Google Ranking because of a topic I started with one of the social networks I had belonged too. I held the position for a while. The administrator liked it as it was good for her ranking, but it also got my name out there, I was seen, and my name was noticed with it too:)

    What is great about some of this is that we can enjoy ourselves, share with others, learn, and not always realize how we are helping ourselves with SEO too.

    Hope you had a great holiday weekend, and thanks again for visiting Diane!:) Have a wonderful day!:)