Monday, June 11, 2012

Search Engines Used For Searching Products and Stores

Search Engines Used For Searching of Products and Stores.

Whew! Weekend is over, and here we are again on's Monday, and gonna be a great day!:) I had a thought the other day....I know, when don't I, right? It was a thought for another topic to have on my blog. So, I noted it, and here I am to share with you again. We need to quit meeting like this...someone might get one of them there ideas...LOL:) Follow Me into my topic.

Ok, enough of me, now back to my thought I had. When you search for items, or your treasures online. How do you search for them? Me, like many others out there with the internet world go to the computer...yeah I know, the phones too. But, we go to the computer, have a seat, and we go to the internet. So, when you sit down to that keyboard, what do you type into it to look with? I know a lot of people would go straight to Ebay for this. Yet, there is so much more out there to see. Buyers, Sellers, and Shoppers of all sorts need to remember to use the search engines for your shopping needs. Works for research, and getting some ideas of what is out there, who offers what, the prices being offered, and so on. The 2 main search engines that many use are of course, and don't forget there is also too. Many searches have also been done with, and along the way you will find many other small search engines that are also used by many others too. 

When you have something specific in mind that you want to search for, maybe buy, research it with you need to learn to use the search engines to see more of what is out there available. When using the search engines you can get a nice variety of items that are being offered. While doing these searches you will also learn of other venues, and market places that people sell from. You will also learn of other auction sites that are there besides Ebay too. By doing this sometimes you can find a better price due to the different fee structures that are offered at the different platforms for sellers to use. You will also find that there are other Payment Services that are offered, and not every place is Paypal Only. For instance with Ecrater I myself am allowed to offer Google Checkout, and Paypal. At Artfire I can offer Amazon Payments, and Paypal. Some at Artfire will also offer Propay. At Etsy besides the usual offerings of Paypal they also have a Direct Checkout that some sellers will offer too. 

Keep in mind that if you see something you like from my finds that I show with my LilacsNDreams Shoppe page just contact Me. I can invoice you myself through Paypal, Google Checkout, and Amazon Payments. You would not have to sign into some places, register, and let me know the service you would prefer to use. 

Another good thing with search engines if you know the name of the store, or shop you wish to connect with you can also find that name this way too. Once you put in their name at Google, or Bing you can see all the pages that might come up for that name, and also all the different places that the person is associated with too. Give it a try. Just go to, also and type in my name of LilacsNDreams. Upon doing this you will see my blogs, my stores, and different places I am associated with over time.  Neat, huh?

I hope that this little tid bit of information shared with you was found to be helpful, and maybe fun too. Remember, any questions don't hesitate in asking. Same goes for sharing too. It's free, love hearing from all of you, and it's fun too. 

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Come back to visit again soon. Have a wonderful week!:)


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