Monday, February 25, 2013

Consignment Shop Thrift Stores Charity Shops are Popular

Consignment, Thrift Store, Charity Store Shopping is very popular with times of today, our economy, and etc. This is a way that many of us have supplied things for decor in our homes. It has helped many to dress our children, and how we dress ourselves too. Some people like to shop at these stores to find items that we can repurpose and upcyle, look for vintage items, and there really are many reasons for shopping with these kind of stores.

I don't know if you know this, but there is a difference between Consignment Shops, and the Charity Thrift Shops too. The differences can be seen in the merchandise that is offered, the size of the stores, and you can most definitely see a difference with the prices of items at offered at these stores too. 

Consignment Shops are an act of consigning, which is placing any material in the hand of another, but retaining ownership until the goods are sold, or person is transferred. To better understand, and read more on Consignment Shops visit Wikipedia for this. Places like eBay, drop off stores, and online sellers will often use the consignment model of selling too. 

Charity Thrift Shops usually sell mainly used goods donated by members of the public, and are often staffed by volunteers. Because items were obtained for free, and business costs are low, the items can be sold at competitive prices. 

Unlike directly charity-run shops run by volunteers, Thrift Shops pay taxes, and will also have paid employees too.  To read more about these visit Wikipedia for more definition, and explanations.

Major Thrift Shop Operators include Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul are just a few to mention. These places all take donations. Owners to some Thrift Shops will take donations, sometimes they will go shopping for items to be offered with their stores, sometimes you can find new items that have been donated, or also purchased to be offered to you with reasonable prices too.

Everyone shops all these stores for many types of things for themselves, for the home, sometimes to donate to others in need, churches and other charities will support such places, and etc. When I shop I can see a difference with prices between the different stores. When consignment stores have announced sales I generally like to visit them more. My favorites to shop with are the different Thrift Stores with different locations. There is always something different with them, inventory moves well, and you just never know what treasures you can come across till you go in search of them. 

So, do you have a preference to which stores you like to go shopping with? Is it Consignment, or is the Charity Thrift Stores?

I again would like to take this time to thank all of you for your patience during my times of absence with my Dad's illness, and later with his passing. Directly following this we attended our son's Basic Army Graduation too. I have appreciated the words of kindness, understanding, sympathy, and prayers during all of this. Again, Thank You deeply everyone.

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  1. Hi Kim, Thank you so much for the words of encouragement left on my blog :o) I guess I'm having a hard time with life right now but if I don't let it all out then it will always and forever bother me... like it has been. Sometimes I wonder is blogging is even worth it anymore. Thanks again for your kind words, Hugs Jennifer

  2. No problem Jennifer, and glad I could give you a smile:) Thanks for hopping on over to my blog. I wish you well, and once we get through winter hopefully the blues from there will go away, and spring will fill the air with good things.

    Thanks again for visiting, and take care. Have a wonderful Wednesday Hump Day!:)