Thursday, June 27, 2013

Create Do It Yourself Cake Plate Stands

                            Cake Cupcake Stand Blue Glass Pedestal Vintage Inspired

                          Vintage Cake Stand Tier Pedestal Blue White

                              Cheery Yellow Cake Stand Tier White Pedestal

                                          Cake Stands Painted With Color

                                         Cake Stands Pedestal Plant Stand

Create Do It Yourself Cake Plate Stands

This is something I enjoy doing! So many different ideas for cake plate stands that there is one to fit your style. Cake stands allow you to place more food on the table, and it can be visually appealing too. These pedestal stands are efficient, and are space savers for you too. 

There are so many possibilities for use with these pedestal stands. Of course they make beautiful cake or pastry plate stands. You could use a smaller plate for a birthday cupcake, maybe as a candle holder, for your jewelry, some decorative soaps for your bathrooms, use for your hand soap next to your sink, catch all in your home entry ways, as wedding decor, home decor, napkin holders, and the list is endless. They can also be unique and thoughtful gifts. These stands are simple, modern, and functional for whatever your style may be. 

Many of these cake stands are made with new plates found, thrift store plates found, lonely pieces from a dinner set, some of your favorite vintage plates, and etc. The bases are made from many different pieces too. Consider the popular candle holders, pencil holder, tea or coffee cups, small bowls, and whatever you feel may work when united with the plates. 

Sometimes tier plate stands are made. You can use candle holders for this, or maybe consider doing a little drilling, and using bolts, nuts, threads, and rubber bumpers for the bottoms. 

Some like to paint their stands to get the colors that they want. Paint brass candle holders, glass candle holders, the plates, and etc. If painting you can then consider using some cupcake liners, doilies, or even scrapbook papers for underneath the food. Also consider adding a glass dome to these stands too. 

So so many possibilities that makes it fun. I really enjoy making these pieces myself, and offering them with my shops. Sometimes I keep them simple with the decorative plates I find, and adding the different bases to them. Other times I might had some lace, ribbon, pearls, or other sorts of embellishments as well. I enjoy doing this as some do not have the time to do these things themselves, the patience, or the creativity. As a customer told me once she would rather pay to have them done by someone. 

Search the internet for all the possibilities. See my shops at Ecrater, and Etsy. Don't forget there are many other people who also offer their creative pieces, and can be seen with all of these places too. 

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you all again soon. Take care, and enjoy being creative!


  1. Love the ideas you've given! I get in a rut sometimes and my creative thoughts get stuck. You've inspired me.

  2. Thank You!:) I know, there are so so so many ideas out there, and I wish there would have been room to share more. Like you sometimes when I see a couple of things I can get more ideas from it too. I LOVE making these, and selling them. I enjoy being inspired by many others who share. Most of's fun too!:)

    Thanks for visiting, and sharing with LilacsNDreams today Laurie. Have a sweet day!