Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shipping Success For Online Retail Sellers

Shipping Success For Online Retail Sellers  

Online Sellers share many things, many experiences, and of course many stories. One thing that many of us have in common is dealing with different shipping carriers. It can be very tough to sell if you cannot ship. There is lots to consider which is not always easy. If you find a solid procedure that works it makes things much easier for you, and for your customers. 

We all sell many kinds of items with shapes, sizes, and weights to consider. With the range of shipping methods, and packaging types you need to organize the best options for the items that you sell. Shipping methods will not just be about pricing. You need to look at choices offered with insurance, tracking, signature confirmations, and etc. You should be able to find these answers on the mail carriers website you are researching, and considering. 

Most customers like to have all the numbers right up front when they are buying. With this in mind I myself like to do an estimated cost of shipping. Measure, and weigh your packages. Having a scale at home is very helpful for shipping cost estimates too. For some sellers a kitchen scale works fine for them. Now, if you wanted to be a little bit more secure with shipping numbers take your packages to the post office. Then, keep track of some of the common item weights for future references. After weighing your items you can use the shipping calculator online for the shipping service you are using. United States Post Office, The United Postal Service better known as UPS, and many have found Fed Ex to be a great source for shipping too.  

Developing your shipping plan, and defining your policies is a good practice. Things to consider would be what your processing time will be, will you be offering insurance, will insurance only be offered for certain items, a versatile one is will you offer returns & how will you handle the shipping with that, how will you handle items that are lost or damaged through shipping, will you offer expedited shipping or may international shipping ( with international shipping you will deal with custom forms, duties, and taxes), will you offer free shipping, etc. It is easy to see the list can become lengthy. 

Develop your routine, and make sure to communicate with your customers. Like, what's the benefit of having/offering insurance if no one knows that you have it. Over time you will experience how sometimes the shipping challenges will be out of your control, but are just an experience that is a part of online selling. 

Make sure to stay alert with all of your shipments, and keep good records as well. Proof of shipping, pictures of items and packages before shipping, insurance, your label receipts, tracking, and all of these things can be very helpful in the event of any issues that might arise with your shipments. For any issues you can always go straight to the shipping carrier used, and talk with your shipping provider.

Shipping may seem like a procedure that isn't an important issue for your online retail business, or that it should be simple to handle. It can be a much bigger part of your plan to consider, and to be dealt with. Don't let it scare you. Once you get a feel for the service you have chosen things actually can run pretty smoothly. 

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone, and hope you enjoyed this bit of informational about shipping. See you all again soon. Have a super day!

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