Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Holiday Weekend is Here

Christmas Holiday Weekend is Here!

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Here it is Friday, and the start of our Christmas Holiday weekend. Whew! This time has gone by fast don't you think? For me the rush is on this weekend to get all things finished with cleaning, dusting, and preparing the house for everyone. I found some of my round table cloths I added as skirting on 2 of my trees, I put up another 2 foot tree in front the dining room window, and put a round table cloth over that stool holding it. We now have a small tree in front of 2 living room windows, the dining room window, and I have one on our freezer in the walk way as you come in. I also put a small square tablecloth around that base too. In front of dining room window facing road I have our bigger tree sitting there. Then....on door window in dining room I hung a lighted wreath, and there is a lighted wreath in our kitchen bay window too. I like things lit up:) 

Once Monday comes I am on the run getting our son from Army Base to bring home for about 10 days. Get him home then hubby should be rolling in, and Monday afternoon/night turkey gets pulled out, Tuesday I start making all the pies, peeling potatoes, and setting things out for the next day for food preparations, and for everyone to arrive. 

I researched it on the internet to help me out a little bit with freezing bananas. Every year I make a very simple banana pie, and everyone likes them. It has become habit that I make them, and they all expect it too. Over time I end up making more of these than I do the other pies. Yep, at least 4 banana pies, an apple pie, and a pumpkin pie this year. See what kind of energy I have maybe I will throw in another kind of pie too....we will see...LOL:) 

So, in preparation for the banana pies, and trying to cut a little bit of time for me, I peeled, and cut up the bananas tonight. Yikes, right? Not to worry. After doing this I then put them into freezer bags, and have put them into the freezer. Prior to use I will pull them out to thaw, and that is one BIG step I have saved in doing this. The rest of it is easy. Line the crusts, and pour in the banana pie filling, and into the frig to chill. Hmmm.....I might be getting hungry already!...LOL:)

So, what does everyone have planned this weekend? Anything special? Will you be celebrating on Wednesday, or is there another designated time for you due to families, work, schedules, etc etc? Whatever you are doing this weekend I wish you well, be safe, and happy travels to you. Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Enjoy the weekend everyone, and see you all again soon!

                           MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!

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