Monday, May 28, 2018

Repurpose Handmade DIY Garden Glass Art

 Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Repurposed Handmade DIY Garden Glass Art. Last week I had covered kind of crafting with lamps into solar yard lights. This week I'm going to show you a few more things that are so creative, and so cute as well. For those who are looking for ideas to add to their gardens, or outside decorating I hope this helps you a little bit. Best of all I hope it helps many get their creative ideas working to create the next thing you are looking for. 

For the items that I will be sharing below in just a bit the materials used were used pieces that could be found from your own home, from thrift stores, garage sales, and etc. Some pieces used are maybe some vintage collectibles you have that might have some minor damage that you wish to use for the outside too. The glues that you use you need to make sure that it is workable for outside. You might have to also prepare some of the pieces just a little bit to better assist in the glue bonding, and holding too. 

                                                                Ironing Board Lady


Take a closer look at the picture, and visit the link this originated from (click the picture title). Is this not adorable? How cute, and how creative too!

                                                               Glass Bird Feeder


This is something that is also adorable to make. This piece shows all glass being used which is great. But, there is so much more that we can think about, and consider too. For instance using maybe a saucer, and the cup with it. Another idea could be done with a tea pot too. The possibilities are endless when you are creating. 


Here again you are shown a glass bird bath that is made from different pieces of glass that has been put together to make this adorable piece. They used green glass with everything. I see a glass bowl, 2 glass vases, and at the bottom a glass plate. I have also seen bird baths made with table lamps. Remove all the hardware, paint it, some were glass bases, and then add a glass bowl to the top of that. Interesting ideas don't you think?

This beautiful adorable glass garden art piece does come from Etsy, but looks like it has sold that it is not fully available. I love these pieces myself. You can put different glass plates together to make the different layers of the flower. The center you can be creative with by using a round piece of glass, or whatever material you find to work. Some of these are set in pictures holders for show, and some are attached to different kinds of poles/stands to sit outside for decoration too.

One of the best places for you to look to get more ideas of what others have created is to visit with Pinterest. That is a very big place, with many many things that others enjoy sharing their finds on the internet too. 

Thanks so much for visiting LilacsNDreams, and I hope to see you again soon. Always free to leave a comment, and share things with everyone here that visits. Take care, and have a happy holiday! Be safe everyone!