Monday, June 25, 2018

Thrifting Junking Searching Preparing For Resale

Thrifting Junking Searching and Preparing For Resale. Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Gonna cover something simple today. I hope it will be helpful, and will give you a little something to think about as well. 

We spend time with thrifting, junking, estate sales, second hand stores, garage sales, and actually anywhere that we can think of to find the next treasure for our homes, or our stores. When we do these special treasure hunts we take pride in the search, have fun with it, and are always anxious to get back home with all the goodies we have found for the day too. So, once we get them home what is is that we all do with these new finds? All of us have our own way of doing things that we have found to work for us. The biggest decision is do we keep it, or do we sell it? 

Once I get all of the treasures home that I have found for the day I am no longer tired. I am excited to unwrap items, set them out to view closer, take inventory, make notes, and etc. I do the best I can to keep record of things that will help with decisions that should be made later about pieces too. For now I have a simple form I use that I will record the item found, price I paid for it, is it a resale as is or will I be repurposing altering it in some way. I like to make notes of any flaws that I see with the pieces as well. Then note the overall condition of the piece that I have found. 

Once I get this part done I might take a break...something to revive myself to continue doing a few more things with the treasures found. Once I have done all the notes, documenting of things, and what I feel is necessary to complete with all the items I then start preparing for cleaning of the items. Yes, everything that I find I will do some kind of a cleaning with it. Nothing harsh, but a gentle clean to better show the beauty of all the things I have found. Once I have done this I can see if maybe there are more visible flaws to note, and I can better decide if I will sell the piece as is, or if I will repurpose it in some way. The urge is always strong to want to keep things found, and I have to remind myself that I do not have the room to house these wonderful treasures for myself. I hopefully can make someone else happy with offering things that I have found, and that they may take pleasures with their finds too. 

After completing these few steps the research will generally be done with all the pieces you have found. Researching for the value of vintage collectibles, searching to see if others are selling the same items and making notes of their prices along with successes of sold pieces, you are learning a little more about the treasures found with all of your researches. Another assistance to consider with your searches is to use collectors books that better describe items, their age, their value with their conditions, and some of the history for it too. 

I know that doing these few steps I have shared with you does not seem like much of a procedure. Yes, it can be time consuming doing some of this. I enjoy doing this as I better learn and familiarize myself with the pieces. I feel I can better connect with them by viewing them in a different way from their purchase, and that I can better assist my customers as well too. 

Hope you found your visit to be helpful, maybe consider a few things not thought of before, and remember it's always good to hear suggestions from you visiting as well. Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams! See you again soon. Toodles . . . 

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