Monday, July 9, 2018

Repurpose Restyle Reuse DIY Upcycled Vintage Collectibles

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Repurpose, Restyle, Reuse, DIY, Upcycled, Vintage Collectibles. At some point we all find ourselves intrigued with these things for the decor we use in our homes, remodeling our homes using some of these techniques, some of us like all of this because it is our way of surviving and making money with it, or maybe it is just because we like it. Some of us do it for pleasure, some do it as a past-time, and some do it as their business. How did you get started with this? When was it you acquired the taste, and desire for these things? Have you been doing this a long time, or is it still kind of new to you?

I have had these thoughts over time...when I have time to think to myself, and what is suppose to be my alone time during the day. For me I think mine honestly started during my childhood years. I always enjoyed working with my hands. When I was on the farm with my Grandmother I would play with the sewing machine, I would use her tube paints to make designs with towels and materials, I would go out to the old hen houses and organize things out there with windows, paints, and design some things out there. Over time my Grandmother would give me little things here, and there that involved some sort of craft. I would use it now, or put it with my things for a later time as she would tell me. 

So, I got older, things changed a little bit, and I focused more of my time with vintage collectibles. I had collection books to help me identify pieces, some things I collected myself, I was learning a little over time of how to research a few things, and then came Ebay where I eventually started to sell things. The Ebay thing was from a little help of a close friend, a little nudge from her, and she was already selling on Ebay herself, and felt it was something I would like to do. In fact, that is how LilacsNDreams evolved, and has been with me ever since during my sales, creations, and over time. 

Like many others over time I had the urge that there was more than just selling on Ebay. So, I ventured off a bit into other places like Bonanza, Artfire, Ecrater, and Etsy. During this time of searching for what I felt like I was missing I noticed how I was becoming more interested with the crafty side of things. I was in awe of seeing work done by others of what they were offering. Some of the things that were being done, and how neat some of it was too. Little bit of glue, little bit of paint, this piece could attach to that piece, and how some of the vintage collectible pieces could be brought back to life! Oh, and how neat some things were that had been created, were made from a little bit of this and that, and the possibilities were endless! So, selling on Etsy was one place that I landed that open some more doors for me since they do things just a little bit different than Ebay. 

I still love my vintage collectibles. A lot of glassware really. The creative side of me, working with my hands, seeing things differently and what they can become really sprouted during this time. It has become a passion of mine. I love seeing what others offer when I roam around the internet, visiting stores where others show their creations, seeing things in a way that others offer them from their visions, and so on.

It's something I have been slowly working my way back into doing again. I was headed that way a few years ago, and due to some circumstances a long break was taken. Once we get moved into our new home - it's a working progress, I get organized one more time, I will have more time to myself, and I truly cannot wait to get back into doing all of this again. I'm excited!

So, how did you get started yourself with repurposing, upcycling, restyling, DIY, and etc? Was it something you have always done? Was it something that you acquired over time? Also, is this something you do yourself, or maybe you find these treasures completed to bring home so that you can adore them with all of your collections. Sorry for all the questions everyone. Curiosity gets the better part of me sometimes. 

Thanks for stopping by LilacsNDreams. Hope you enjoyed the visit, and feel free to share as you wish too. Take care till the next time everyone. Toodles . . . 


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