Monday, October 22, 2018

Spray Painting Crafting Styrofoam

Welcome to LilacsNDreams!  Spray Painting Crafting with Styrofoam is something I am sharing with you because of personal experience that I recently experienced, and learned from too. 

🎃 👻 Halloween, Holidays, Special Occasions, and etc. We like to decorate, and craft during these special times. Sadly, I think the holidays are rushed anymore. Some places don’t hardly celebrate with all the fun things. I still like to decorate, and especially create and craft things too. I created a few things for Halloween, and enjoyed it. I think I am the only person in town who has decorated. 

I wanted to put something together for fall decorating that can go with Halloween into Thanksgiving. Something a little versatile. The orange styrofoam 🎃 pumpkins from the Dollar Tree have a few different uses including crafting. So, I picked up a bunch of them to work with. With many things when crafting I like to spray paint. I’ve generally gotten the look I want, and things look really nice too. I wanted some white pumpkins with some added fall foliage too.  So, I grabbed a couple of pumpkins, and went outside to my designated painting area I set up.  I sprayed them with a paint I frequently use. Did a light coat, went over them again, and smiled because they were looking good. Walked  away for a bit while they dried. Went back later to view them, and get them flipped to paint the other side. I was not happy! They had bubbled, had bubble pops, and the paint appeared to not be settling right. So, I grabbed one more pumpkin, did a light coat of paint, and left it to dry. I came back to the same thing happening again. At this time I walked away to think about this. I thought about it, and then I googled it to get some answers. 

When I googled I learned spray paint was not recommended for styrofoam. The paint gets soaked in, does not take properly, can create rough areas, and can melt the product too. It is recommended to use some sort of a sealer/top coat, and then use an acrylic paint with a better result. I would like to note I have seen some of these pumpkins done by others with success using a kiltz spray, or a different brand of spray paint. Some also like the rough look that they can get too. I am sharing my experience, and my preference with this process. 

So, I have started again with painting the pumpkins. I grabbed 2, and put my first coat of mod podge on them. I will then be brushing an acrylic white paint on them. I wanted to share my experience with you of this crafting experience that  I had. So, pictures of how they looked before I started, different pictures with the process of what I experienced, and the last one shows how the paint has settled a couple of days later too.

***Ok, I apologize to everyone for this inconvenience. I’m very sorry, but I appear to be having a computer issue that I am not pleased with right now. My IPad is not letting me into my pictures either...urgh! As soon as I can get this technical issue resolved I will share those pictures here right away. Thanks so much for being patient with me. Again, I apologize for this mishap.

Thank You for visiting LilacsNDreams!

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