Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas Holiday Handmade DIY Repurposed Home Decor

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Christmas Holiday Handmade DIY Repurposed Home Decor. Christmas is a fun time with home decor, and all the fun things we can do. You can buy locally, online, or better yet some of your items you can revise to fit with what you want. That is something I enjoy doing too!

Last week I showed you some picture frames I got from the Dollar Tree Store. I took some simple black frames, and removed the backing, and the glass. I then painted the frames white. Nothing fancy with the painting just a simple white. I then added some decoration to each piece. Some ribbon bows, letter snowflake paper clip, and some ornaments. The second frame I did not have completed fully with my last posting. I have completed it, and changed a bit what I was going to use with it. 

Below you will see 3 pictures of the arrangement that I made using those frames that I hand crafted with. The window that you see in the middle of the frames was made by someone else who signed it, and had donated this one along with a few others to the thrift store. I picked it up because it was cute, and handmade. Wasn't sure what, and where I was going to put it. Tonight it came together for me as you will see. 

This picture shows the arrangement that I had grouped together on one of our walls in the dining room of our home. All 3 pieces have been handmade, or revised to make this arrangement. 

One of the picture frames that I had painted white, added a blue ribbon bow made by me along with a couple of tags for ornaments. I also clipped a letter snowflake on the bottom of the bow.

This is the second frame that I completed which was also painted white. I added the red and white ribbon bow I made to the bottom of the frame. I then added some ornaments to this piece too. 

I love my vintage collectibles, and I enjoy crafting with different things too. Some things I craft with might be with new pieces, and sometimes they might be with pieces that I have found thrifting or that I have had on hand for a while too. It's a good feeling to complete pieces, and be able to show them in our home. Sometimes pieces will be offered for sale as well too. 

I hope you enjoyed your visit, and happy to see you stopping by here. Feel free to contact me, leave a comment, and etc. 

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams! Have a beautiful week, and see you again soon.

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