Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Old Lamps Repurposed Upcycled Home Outdoor Decor

Old Lamps are Repurposed Upcycled Home Outdoor Decor

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Happy Hump Day everyone! 

Pictured you will see a pair of old lamps that I have started to work on. I was thrifting, found a window cover I was looking for, looked off to the side, and this set of old lamps caught my attention. As soon as I seen them my mind wandered, getting some ideas, and I figured I better pull them down to have a closer look.

Pulling them down was a chore. They were much heavier than what I was use to. I set them on the floor, seen the height, considering the weight, and new I wanted them for solar lights on my front porch. 

Got the set home, and the other night I took some time to start pulling apart to gut the electrical out of it. That was a chore itself! Pulled cloth off the bottom, and metal a metal piece that had screws that were like melted in, welded, etc. So, I started from the top, and found I could keep unscrewing there, and that brought the whole bar throughout the lamp loose for me. Just be careful because I could have pieces all over too. 

Finally got the wiring, and the socket out. That socket acted like it was glued in. I had to use a couple of tools our son uses working on vehicles. They don’t make stuff like these old pieces anymore, that’s for sure! 

Pictures of the bottom of the lamp with cloth removed, and showing how I have one of the lamps gutted. Can’t wait to get these all done so I can then prep for painting, painting, and I think I have my solar lights picked out for them. They are a little bigger, but they seem to be fitting for the size of these old lamps. When I finally get them done I will share the final product with you. 

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  1. Phenomenal website you have here. You'll find me taking a gander at your stuff regularly. Spared! transformation

    1. Carissa30, Thank You so much for visiting and for your kind words! I am planning on working with this sight a lot more. I have been delayed with a computer issue, and am thinking I will need a new one. I’ve had a few obstacles come at me, but hope to work it in to budgeting for one. Till that time I do the best I can with my IPad....some things limited, but doing the best I can.

      Thanks again for the visit, and sharing your thoughtful words. Take care!