Monday, August 19, 2019

Repurposed Vintage Lamps Into Solar Lights Yard Decor

Repurposed Vintage Gold Lamps Into Outside Solar Lights 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Today I am sharing another repurposing project done with lamps, and solar lights I was able to complete before this past weekend. I was out of town all weekend, and was determined to get some things done before I left. Feels pretty good with what was completed. 

The last project I did was done with some matching lamps I had found when thrifting. Took me a while to find a pair, and one that I could settle with for the project I had in mind too. 

I was shopping for a covering for the kitchen window. I found something finally, and put it in the cart. I then looked to the left at the lamps, glanced around, and on the type shelf my attention was caught. There stood a lamp about the size I had been looking for, and right next to it a matching lamp! Oh, could I be so lucky to find a matching pair for my project? I grabbed the first lamp from the top shelf, and almost dropped it! I couldn’t believe that heavy of a lamp was up there. I carefully grabbed the second one, and placed them both on the floor by me. Vintage, not bad condition, not all banged up, and was just showing it’s age from time. Better yet, they were about the size I had been looking for too. The picture above is how they looked in the cart after buying them. 

It took me a while to get both of them completely gutted. I finally got the second one done, and continued with my project. I had the solar lights, and they had been outside charging till I completed the gutting. Once I completed that I set them outside to be painted. I used Rustoleum Burnished Amber Forged Hammered Paint & Primer that works for outside too. I was pleased that it blended 
pretty good with the solar lights I was using too. 

Above are pictures of the solar lights I found, and how the lamps looked painted. I agreed with the
forged hammered look since they would be outside. 

Above is a picture of the lamps completed. They were sitting inside for the night while the glue settled while they bonded. They sat outside over the weekend while I was gone. It did rain, I was a little worried, but they looked fine when I got home. Whew! I’m pleased with how they turned out, and how they look outside too. I love being able to make something old new again, and to use it in a new way.

Thanks for visiting with LilacsDreams! Stop on by anytime. Take care! Toodles!


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  6. Thanks so much for all the visits, and all of your comments too. I love sharing what I can...I’m no expert. Learning like many others. I enjoy sharing, different steps, and enjoy reading your comments too. Thanks again everyone!