Monday, May 18, 2020

Home Improvements Remodeling Out With Old in With New

Hi! Welcome to LilacsNDreams Home Improvements Remodeling Out With Old in With New. I apologize it’s been a little while for me. Kind of scarce lately. During this time of the virus I think I have been a little more busier than usual. I’m proud to say I’ve made some vintage collectible sales from my Etsy Shoppe I haven’t listed anything new, letting things expire, and will be moving over to Poshmark. It’s an advertising issue with Etsy I am not happy about at all!

Also, a lot of my time has been getting supplies, and materials needed for our remodeling task we are soon doing. My husband drives semi, his truck is due into shop for warranty work, that mechanic on vacation, and so hubby is scheduled home weekend of May 29. I have to schedule our dog for the vet while floors are being done. Our son got a partial start on some things. But, the floor linoleum, sub flooring, etc they both will be working on. Then...a new front door was decided on. Was gonna go buy it, and hubby reminded us that needed to go in before the flooring can be done. So, I got our local lumber company involved buying door from them, and they install it. Unfortunately, the door did not come in last week. Cross fingers it’s here by Wednesday this week. Or, I might have to make some quick decisions again.

The pictures I am sharing above are showing you the stacked boxes of the snap click flooring, the stack of sub flooring, rolls of paper, the connectors from carpet to linoleum, in doorways, etc. Also, the last picture shows the baseboards I chose, and we will also be replacing the framing around the windows, and door frames with the same thing. The biggest thing is to get everything to blend with each other. So far we have been lucky it’s all working. Of course the painting is half done. Kitchen needs to be painted, and I made a decision with cupboards there to paint also. Cross fingers.

Getting the tile was an issue! I had 1 chosen we all agreed on. The first Menards was out of what I needed. Went down road to other store as their truck came in. What a horrid experience there! They go to cut what was needed, we waited around store for about 45 minutes. Never got our name, phone number, etc. Went to check on it to pay, and leave. No one knew anything about it, guy was probably with truck yet, and no one would check on anything. Just turn their backs, and went back to what they were working on. 

On our way home we stopped at the first Menards to place order for what was needed. It would be here the following week, wow! Following week go to get it, and they didn’t have it. Went to other store, and everything they got was gone within a few days. That’s when we seen what we found was on sale, was cheaper than the roll we wanted, and was actually going to be easier for the guys to do. That’s when we matched up with the baseboards to use. Was a hassle for the flooring, but it also ended up being a little cheaper with me getting more materials for the money. Whew! 

Then, the bathroom sink I wanted they didn’t have in stock, and no idea when more could be ordered. Ugh!! So, went on line to look. I found one that was acceptable through Wayfair. That’s here already too! It’s gonna work out great in there! 

So, until the 29th these materials sit, and I’m waiting on our new front door to come and be installed. Busy, busy, busy. When it’s finally done it will be worth it. Then I have 2 bedrooms to work on. One has been painted, and partially carpeted too. The other one needs to be fully done. Shouldn’t take as long because it’s paint, and carpet.

Sounds kind of hectic, huh? It’s gotten a little stressful, but it’s worked out. More tiresome with these tasks than expected. Add the stress, and I’ve had some nights I was out fast.

Thanks for stopping by LilacsNDreams! Great to have you, and hope to see you again soon. Take care till the next time.

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