Monday, June 15, 2020

Home Kitchen Remodeling and Having Fun

Welcome to LilacsNDreams with Home Kitchen Remodeling and Having Fun. Happy that you stopped by. We are still working on our home. Never ending job these past few weeks. Once the house is in order I will return to a little more norm of the postings I was doing about my vintage collectibles, my repurposing, restyling, upcycling, and some of the fun things. 

Remodeling, updating, fixer upper homes can be quite the chore. For us this is something new to be working on. Our first time going to this extent of redoing a home. It can be fun, exciting, fulfilling with accomplishment, and yes a few ups and downs too. Those ups and downs are mostly to the things you find, come across in the home as you remove some of the old, and are doing some of the new. I understand cutting costs where you can. We all do it. But, some of the things we are coming across....well, I still have my hair thankfully! 

Saturday we went to look at, and buy an unfinished pantry cupboard that was located for us. Wanted this done before we started to paint the kitchen cupboards. Keeping in mind we were focused on 1 cupboard to replace the spot where we removed an old one by our refrigerator. We got to Home Depot with intentions of 1 cupboard. Our home kitchen is small. Something we are not use to. Small kitchen with not much storage either. So, we have been putting into our minds pictures, and how we wish to revise the kitchen. Behind our kitchen is the laundry room which I always felt that maybe should have been a laundry pantry like room. Unfortunately, we are not able to knock the wall out to make the room bigger. So, with some changes we are revising it. 

Have you ever noticed how you go to a place to shop, you have 1 thing in mind to do, but along the way you view other things, decide to check on something for this or that, start thinking how maybe this can work there or maybe it would be great over here, and so on. Lol! Yep, we did the same thing. It’s almost like cutting a child loose into a candy store. 

We left Home Depot with 2 pantry cupboards, and 1 of the smaller cupboards you usually find next to 1 side of your stove. We roughly had measurements in mind, and were hoping we were close enough to do what we wanted, or able to revise a bit. Unfortunately, if we would have gotten the 2 matching pantry cupboards they would have worked greatly with our first thought of thinking. We came home with 2 different pantry cupboards, 2 different sizes, and a few inches short of them fitting. We brought them in, set them 1 way, moved the refrigerator, moved this there, and that there, and this over there, and after thinking, moving around a little bit, measuring, we finally came to a finalization of everything. The bigger cupboard by the refrigerator, and the smaller one will go into the laundry room which now is transforming into the laundry pantry room. Remove a shelf that can go out into the the way the garage has been cleaned, organized, restructured with the old kitchen cupboard we had removed. Gotta get the new floor laid in the laundry room just a little sooner than scheduled. In about 1-2 weeks new washer and dryer will be placed in there too. 

So, Saturday became a very eventful day with the cupboard issues, and was exhausting too! After all of that it was still fun, and enjoyable. We have slightly delayed plans, but it is much more enjoyable with the changes. What a change we are making, and how good it feels with it coming together too.

This is when cupboard was removed, before painting, etc.


Ok, here’s the new unfinished cupboard next to the frig. 

New unfinished cupboard next to the stove.

The new unfinished cupboard that will go into the laundry pantry room.

The corner the cupboard will go into once the shelf is removed, the floor is done, and a little organizing here. 

Can’t wait to see how this room will transform with the painted walls, new floor, new cupboard, and the new machines. I’m excited, and exhausted too. Lol! 

Thanks so much for stopping by LilacsNDreams today. Glad to have ya. Stay tuned for what comes! Take care everyone!


  1. Keep the balls rolling!! Nice posts you have given for us.
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    1. Thank you so much Gary! Trying my best. I appreciate the kind words you shared. Thank you for visiting LilacsNDreams!