Monday, February 8, 2021

Valentines Day DIY Handmade Homemade Gifts Ideas

Valentines Day DIY Handmade Homemade Gifts Ideas at LilacsNDreams. Welcome Everyone!

Valentines Day will soon be here. Maybe you have some last minute shopping, or creating you need to do.  You could deal with store bought gifts for your valentines interests, their passions, deepest desires, and so on. Instead of doing that you could consider giving a DIY valentines gift. Give a heartfelt handmade homemade gift which would make it something special for anyone who fills your life with joy, love, and heart. If it’s your spouse, your child, a coworker, teacher, etc. Crafting a gift is something special you can offer too. 

If you are not crafty you can still whip up something without to much time, money, or effort too. For crafting you would not have to get out the paint, glue, or other craft supplies to put things together. Assemble a customized care package with products that will be loved, and will be used. But, if crafting is your creative way for you to tap into that love language, then by all means go all out with your gift ideas.

You could make a box with some makings of like a self care package. In a box, or basket you could put like a mini bottle of bath salts, a candle, small bottle of bubbly, chocolate, and so on.

You could make some I Dig You treat bags. Use some small plastic shovels, use some gummy bears, chocolate coins, put some chocolate candy pieces at bottom for the dirt, etc. Use sandwich bags, write a valentine message on a heart shaped tag which you can then attach with some twine.

Make some cute Coffee Mug Mixers. You could add some loved sweetness to their morning coffee with some made mix-ins. Use silver, or plastic spoons for this. Pour some melted chocolate into them. Sprinkle, or top it with some mini chocolate chips, some nuts, some shaved or crunched peppermints, and any other flavored garnishments you know of. 

Do some lovely, and fun Printable Wine Labels. You don’t need to show up empty handed. You can have fun sticking a custom label with sweet sentiments to any wine bottle. 

Do the Baked With Love Gift Basket. Ok, you can lean on your shopping talents with Amazon, or wherever you choose. Maybe whip up some budget friendly gift baskets. You could complete this with some mixing bowls, measuring spoons, baking embellishments, and so on.

Don’t worry about Valentine’s Day quotes, valentine sweet and funny Valentine’s Day cards to make, lyrics, and things like that. Most popular thing to use for help is to Google it. You don’t have to use word for word for your gifts, but it will surely help you think of something, or give you some ideas.

Well everyone I hope this helped you in some ways to get ideas for what you would like to do Valentines Day with that special someone. Have fun with it!

Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! Great of you to stop by, and hope to see you again. Till the next time take care, and be safe with all you do. Toodles . . . .


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