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Dollar Tree Items Repurpose Restyle DIY Crafting Home Decor


Dollar Tree Items Repurpose Restyle DIY Crafting Home Decor with LilacsNDreams. Welcome, and glad to have you stop by!

Hope everyone had a great, enjoyable, and safe 4th of July!

How many times have you found something in the store, or online you’d like to have until you see the price. Sometimes it’s an ouch reaction, and then the shipping unfortunately can play a factor with the online purchase too. You see something with home decor, maybe kitchen decor, and really would like to have it. So, you spend time looking around stores in person, and you search online too. Everywhere you look some of the prices are out of range, doesn’t feel like its worth the price for how it’s made, and so on. You decide not to get it because of those things along with your choices of no too. Yet, you still think about it. That would look great there, I could put it here, that would bring out the color in my room, and many other thoughts. The price is not affordable, the husband/wife might not like that amount spent, and you wonder why it can’t be found cheaper. Why can’t they make things for someone like me to afford?

There are some ways to get around these issues, and have your home resembling what others may have. What’s even better is that you don’t have to spend the price they did, but still have something like them only better. It will have it’s own personal touch either by you, or someone else who did the work. If you like to craft, do things with your hands, are some what creative you will enjoy this, and understand. Don’t worry if you’re not because there are many people out there doing these things, and offering them for others to enjoy in their homes as well.

If you don’t already know the Dollar Tree Stores have items that are great for crafting items you see somewhere else. Dollar Tree is used a lot for items in these projects. Along with items from there you might have some extra things at home that can be used too. You sometimes can find things from Dollar General Stores to use along with different thrift stores too. Items from there along with Dollar Tree makes some really neat things.

This particular item uses the paint stir sticks, letters you can buy like that or maybe use a cricut machine to cut or use some stencils to cut as well. You can use already made rabbit pieces, and cover them with napkin-material-scrapbook paper-dish cloth/towel-etc. cotton balls for the tail, and some cut ribbon to make bows. Paint, flowers, glue, glue gun, mod pudge, and when it’s put together it is much less than what you pay with stores. Whether you make it, or you purchase from someone who made it the quality and product will probably last a bit longer too. It wasn’t manufactured, it was handmade.

This can be made using a white cutting board, add some buffalo plaid cloth, placemat, napkin, etc. Use different ribbons to make the bow. Cut your letters, use stickers, buy precut, and many possibilities. The bottom crate is from Dollar Tree, is painted, and attached to the cutting board so that it may sit on the counter/table. If you want add some ribbon, or rope in the hole on the handle to hang it. If you don’t want white you can paint the board, and do as you wish making it yours.

This is neat too. Many different uses for it. This is 2 cutting boards 1 on each end. Use picture frames for the sides, and you can put decorative paper in them, or remove the glass to attach the paper or decoration of your choice. Attach the same thing to the cutting boards, leave them plain, paint them, and etc. Slide in a mini pole through holes on handle to make a full carrying handle. Your choices are endless, but its made to your likes and tastes.

This metal flower is made from the flexy metal tin pans from the Dollar Tree. Some paint, chalk paint, wax, or anything you want can be added to color the petals…after you have cut the leaves from the pans. 

This candle holder is made from your Dollar Tree plastic garden fences. Cut to size you want, paint as you wish, glue together, and decorate the inside as you wish with flicker candles, flowers, greenery, etc. Again, the choice is your personal touch, or thoughts for it.

Again, your stir paint sticks were used. They’ve been varnished, or maybe painted to. From the Dollar Tree they had the windmills with the welcome attached at the bottom. This is painted, and looks to be distressed too. Some flowers were added along the welcome, and at the top too. Twine was nicely added for the ties, or bows that were done.

This windmill for this wall mount was made from the flexy tin pans from Dollar Tree. They’ve been painted, and stressed. I cant honestly remember how the center was made, and attached. Looking in the craft section I’m thinking its some of the thin long sticks that connect in the center painted to match. Everything is from Dollar Tree craft section . . . Which some areas have more to offer than others for some of their craft supplies. Pretty neat, huh?

This is becoming popular making this candle holder too. The arches are made from Dollar Tree race car tracks that have been painted. They are attached to the inside of a canvas picture that has been flipped over showing the open part to use. The top is done with a painted lid, and some sort of ball that is maybe wooden, maybe toy ball, the possibilities are endless. Really neat idea, right?

This is made with the popular pizza pan from Dollar Tree. Use them plain, paint them, add lace, etc. the center of this wall hanging is using the center of a placemat that was cut to fit. Burlap ribbon bow was attached along with a button,  few flowers, some moss, and some greenery. A rope was put around the inner circle, and some was used on the back to hang with too.

Here is another pizza pan that was painted, and stressed. The welcome was removed from the bottom of the windmill, and the windmill was attached to the inner part of the pizza pan. Some greenery was added in, and around the windmill. 2 sticks were cut to size for the bottom making it look like a fence, and were painted too. This can sit on the table with a picture holder, or the attachment can be added to the back to hang it too. Simple, but cute don’t you think?

There are so many things that can be thought of, and made with things from Dollar Tree. These are just a few minor ideas. If you would like to see more ideas you will find many of them at Pinterest as the items shared above are from Pinterest too.

I hope this gave you all some ideas to consider, and showed you the things that can be made from places you might not imagine or think of. Fun, unique, and just enough to make it your own. Not every piece handmade will be completely alike. That’s what makes handmade uniquely yours. 

Thanks so much for visiting, and spending some time with LilacsNDreams! Stop by anytime. Till the next time take care, and be safe! Toodles . . . . . . 

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