Monday, October 4, 2021

Halloween Home Decor Preparations Outside Decorating


Halloween Home Decor Preparations Outside Decorating with LilacsNDreams. 

Welcome Everyone visiting with LilacsNDreams today! Seasons are changing, Fall is here, and along with this comes my favorite holidays too. We usually decorate quite a bit outside the home for Halloween. Last year we had a spider that was activation sensored. When you walked up to the porch stairs he would jump at you. Many of the kids enjoyed, and we had some parents want to video tape it in action too. We had a scarecrow that sat in the chair with the bowl of candy for the trick or treaters who stopped by. When your hand went into the bowl to get candy his head came up, and he briefly spoke. We also had a sensored ghost that hung at top of stairs. So much fun watching reactions from kids, and the adults too. 

This year with the new house we moved into we will be using these same things along with a few other things we have purchased too. Our porch is longer, we have bushes in front and along side of house. We also have the fenced back yard that we can do lights with that too. We have a headless man with an axe held above that stands about 7 1/2 feet, and holding a pumpkin that is sensored with 3 phrases. Bushes on side of house will have the headstones in them with skeleton heads, and hands coming out of the ground. We also have a skeleton that sits on a swing that will be hanging from the porch too. Oh, and we have a blowup Frankenstein we are anxious to see too.

Our property is on a corner lot with more yardage for the decorating, and fun that we enjoy having. So, today we have containers in the living room separated for outside, and inside decorating. Tomorrow I will determine what things will be used for decorating in the home, put containers away not used, and then I will have to get some nails to use with hanging lights, and things on the porch. Weather looks to be good, and I’m excited for this too. 

Hope this finds everyone doing well. Thanks so much for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Take care, be safe, and see you all again soon. Toodles . . . . . .

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