Monday, January 21, 2013

Different Kinds of Content to Consider for Social Media Marketing

 Different Kinds of Content to Consider for Social Media Marketing. 

Hello, and Welcome back to LilacsNDreams everyone! So very happy to see you, and it feels good to be working on a scheduled routine again. Today I am going to briefly discuss some different kinds of content that can be considered for your social media marketing. New year, first month almost gone, but some of us have set small goals for ourselves to work with, and hopefully accomplish too. Mine is to work with my Blog more, and hopefully my Website as well. 

I know many times it is mentioned that the content should be short, sweet, and effective. We are being told to get our messages out quickly before our viewers decide to click away shortly into reading. 

• Snack Sized Blog Posts
1) A good headline
2) Catching Introduction
3) Use tempting sub-titles
4) Use short paragraphs

It has been suggested to not confront your readers with a "wall of text". Many people will scan a blog post for ideas that can add to their lives, and their business. Don't bury the information being shared on a page of "busyness". Remember that less is sometimes more. Now, this doesn't mean to not write the long form, but it is suggesting to write the text into bite size chunks. 

I am guilty of writing long posts, and know this. I often wish I would make them shorter, but I sometimes have so much to say or share. When I explain things I like to give details that people can relate to. Anyway, I am working on being shorter. It's a working progress. 

• Infographic
Text mixed with graphics will sometimes communicate brand messages in seconds. 
1) Make it easy for people to include things with their blogs, or websites. Sometimes providing a code will help with this. Providing share buttons of sorts can also help greatly too. 
2) These can be embedded into your own blog posts
3) Post to your other sharing platforms too

• Small Videos
This is something that has become quite popular, and has been suggested for a while to maybe consider putting into your blogs, websites, or where you are allowed to use them. Make them short, simple, sweet. You can show a little bit of action with it. Example would be doing a do it yourself project. Make sure the content is relevant, and consider using testimonials too. Also, sometimes these short clips can be used as a teaser that people will consider visiting for more information. 

• Photos and Images
This is the highest shared media with social media marketing. It is engagement first, and selling second. The power of images is used for selling products online, and sharing your brand too. When using images make sure to have them clean, clear, and eye appealing. If they are small, and fuzzy they are not appealing, and people will not be interested to read further too. 

• Quotes
Yes, using quotes is something to also consider implementing into your blog posts, on your websites, and etc. An inspiring, or humorous quote can help people start or finish their day with a smile on their face. 

I hope that you find this little bit of information helpful for creating some content that your viewers would like to read, view, and share with others too. 

I want to take this time to Thank ALL of you for your patience during my time off absence I have had from blogging. It's 2013, a New Year, 1st month almost done, and I vote that we make the best of this new year that we can!

Thanks again for visiting, and sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. Take care, and see you again soon!:)

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