Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Domains Which One to Use

Domains Which One to Use

Of course many of us are blogging, some have their own websites, and some buy their domains in order to direct them to maybe their shops or market places they sell with. I have quite a few domains myself. I have for this blog, I have for my shoppe page with my blog, I have a domain for my website, I have domains for a couple of my shops, and I have picked up quite a few to direct them with here, there, and there. I use GoDaddy for my domains. I have never had any issues with them in directing my domains, changing and directing to another address, using them, contacting them, etc. When I buy my domains there they are long as I keep renewing them. 

Anyway, there are so many places out there to get your domains with. I often seen many mentioned, and I hear good with bad about many of them too. I have seen quite a few mention,,, 123.reg, and there are sooo many out there to mention I could bore you with all of them. I do have a notebook I have many of them written in, but it must be the memorial weekend holiday that is catching up with Me, and not being able to find that particular notebook.

So, do you have your domains? Have you maybe gotten your domains to help lock your brand names, but just have them parked right now not using them? That is how I started out with mine at first was just buying them. For whatever reason that you do, or don't have them I would love to hear from others what places they are using, and their experiences they have had too. 

Hope ya'll had a super Memorial Weekend! We did here as our son was home from the army for a few days. He is back to work doing what he loves to do, hubby is back in the truck, daughter and her family still with us, and I am doing what I enjoy doing as well...blogging. 

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see ya'll again soon. Till the next time everyone, Have a Sweet Day!


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  2. Thanks so much for visiting with me today, and for your very kind words!:) Take care, have a wonderful weekend, and hope to see you again soon!:)