Friday, January 31, 2014

Its Friday, Have a Great Super Bowl Weekend

Its Friday, Have a Great Super Bowl Weekend!

Stopping by to leave a note for everyone visiting today. WooHoo! It's Friday, and weekend here we come. This weekend will be a big weekend for many across the country because it's Super Bowl Weekend too! So, if you are a fan of football which team are you rooting for? I really wish the 49ers would have won instead of the seahawks because I think it would have been a really good game to watch. 

Instead we will have the Broncos, and the Sea Hawks playing for the Super Bowl championship on Sunday. Any big plans for this particular day? I myself intend to go over to sister's place, gather with a few people, have some snacks, and we will see what ends up in my hand for drinks. Thought about some wine I found at the store I liked. See if I make it there this weekend with this crazy weather we have been experiencing. 

Hey, glad you stopped by to share some time with LilacsNDreams! Have a wonderful, safe, fun filled weekend everyone. Enjoy the game Sunday, and see you all again on Monday. See You!

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