Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Managing Costs Expenses With Business Supplies

Managing Costs Expenses With Business Supplies

Welcome to LilacsNDreams for more business tips to be shared. Today I will cover a little bit with trying to avoid some costly mistakes, and cutting some of your business expenses. 

One of the things that gets done when first starting up, and is a natural reaction to do is buying some of your shipping supplies, or some of your other business needs locally. We should look at an online wholesale supplier. We always look for ways to cut cost, and to add more to our profits. 

Most of us are taking inventory of our supplies. Upon doing this we maybe we have identified which supplies are being used regularly. These are the ones that we could consider buying in bulk, or with wholesale too. Envelopes, boxes, labels, business cards, and etc.

You can do a quick google search for some wholesale suppliers that you may better see their prices, and availabilities they have as well. If you consider buying in bulk you will see that you can get some of the same supplies for maybe 1/2 the price per piece compared to local. At first it seems like it is just some odd cents that is being saved, but in reality those pennies can quickly add up too.  After so much time, and price comparising if you continued some of your supplies with local shopping you would see how it can be costly. Sometimes very costly. 

Sometimes you will be buying, or spending quite a bit of money up front. Scarey, and a very horrid feeling I know. However, after doing so many sales you will be asking yourself if this business is something worthwhile to invest in. Try to keep your supply cost at a minimum of like maybe $1.00, or close to it. This will consist of ordering quite a bit up front, but in the long run will be worth it as well. 

Sometimes you can make the mistake of buying an abundance of different supplies that won't be needed too. Keep in mind that once you have sold a certain amount of a product, maybe like 10, within a certain amount of time you can better evaluate. You can better see if you should then consider wholesale for some of your supplies that you use in your business. 

When doing this you are able to keep your product, and shipping costs at a competitive price. By doing this you will continue to profit. Every little bit helps, right? Remember to visit with Market Your Creativity where she shares a little more in depth of some of these things being shared with you.

I wanted to make a quick note for those who visit. I try to keep a regular schedule of postings to my site for all of you to visit. Once in a while you might see a post that is late, maybe was not done, I skipped a day, and etc. This is not done intentionally as I enjoy doing what I do. Once in a while something might come up that involves an appointment, or is generally with family. I grew up that family usually took place over everything else, and was first. To this day I still have those traits, and sometimes with my absence from here that is generally what has happened. Tending to one family member, or another. I want to Thank You for understanding this everyone. 

Thanks so much for visiting, and sharing your time with LilacsNDreams! I hope to see you again soon. Enjoy your online businesses, and of course the shopping too!

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