Monday, February 18, 2019

Repurpose Restyle Handmade DIY Vintage Collectibles

Welcome to LilacsNDreams!  Repurpose Restyle Handmade DIY Vintage Collectibles. What a week it was! I was excited because I had things I was hoping to be sharing with you like some completed projects. Well, that was all pushed to the side again. 

Hubby was home all week. When he is home we take advantage of it as it doesn't happen that often. This time home was unplanned. Love it when he's home, and it's always nice that he gets back into the truck too. I seem to accomplish a little more when he is absent. I had cleared my table, and was ready to sit down to start doing some cutting, gluing, creative thinking, etc. And, you know the rest.

I have a very good friend who lives in Cedar Rapids. She sells things on ebay, and does quite well with what she does. Look her up some time MaryLouLavender*s is her store name. Hopefully this spring we get together as planned, and do some crafting and thrifting too. Until then we had discussed an idea I was kind of thinking of. "Christmas in July" I remember doing something like this back in time when I was selling online. I remember another seller commenting about how they sell christmas all year long, and it sells too. Perfect timing of these thoughts as I did acquire a few things during the year end sales for christmas items needed. Since then I have found a couple of thrift stores that have seasonal things all year long, and I can always sort through the Marketplace on Facebook too. 

So, anyway, I had proposed to her that maybe we should make this a goal with our crafting. Do things for "Christmas in July", and of course other things could be done too. Even some of the other holidays if we wanted to. I have some things here to work with, during all the year end sales I acquired a few things, and I still come across different things that can be transformed into what I need them for. 

One of the things I want to make is a Christmas Wreath with the manager featured on it. I got the 2 different mesh colors to use for it, last weekend I was thrifting and was fortunate to find a white star to use for the night star, I have fairy lights to use if I wish, and now I just need figurines/manger for this pc. I figured I could get started with what I had, and finish it with the last piece I need to find. 

I have different pieces of glassware that has all been washed, and air dried. With those I am going to make some little snowmen. I can put those together, get them close to done. I would just need some small pieces to get yet. Things to make the snowman noses, something for the hats, scarves, and etc.
I'm excited to being doing this. I know once I start I will keep going with it, and start producing things to have ready for July. 

I don't know about you, and where you're residing, but here we have had snow with more predicted. I love Christmas, but enough snow is enough. I am ready for spring time when things are new, fresh, and I have more energy to be working on things. I just need to stay focused right now. 

I want to thank you for visiting with LilacsNDreams, and hope to see you again soon. Feel free to stop by anytime, leave a message if you would like, and just browse around if you want to. I still need to work on my site here. Have made notes. All I can is it's a working progress, please bare with me. 

Thanks again everyone, till the next time. 


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