Monday, March 4, 2019

Thrifting Junking Vintage Collectibles DIY Crafting

Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Thrifting Junking Vintage Collectibles DIY Crafting. I apologize for last week. Weather, sleep, etc. I had every intention of posting to you, but I fell asleep. When I woke I was disappointed in myself for missing the opportunity to post on a scheduled time. 

Snow, sunshine, cold, winds, more and more and more...will it ever end? Being in Iowa we have been getting our share of that white stuff...that I don't seem to like anymore. Would be a great time to sit at the table, and work on things I have accumulated. Everything has been washed, has air dried, and I should have most of the supplies I need to make what I want. Yet, I haven't done that. 

Today I spent the afternoon working on a business page for Google. I didn't realize I had done one, was trying to update my address and everything. Then, I was being told I was suspended. For what I don't know, couldn't get it figured out. I finally got a response, and it was something about fixing/finding the root of the problem? I'm no expert when it comes to codes, and things like that. So, we'll see what happens. I get told suspension, then I go in again and I have to wait for a postcard with a code for me to use. So, not really sure, but I have done all I can for now. Hopefully tomorrow I get back in here to work on some issues found with my blog here. Need to fix some links not working, remove some things, in other words...clean house a little bit. Some of it consists of doing codes here which I had no problem before, and was use to it. But, it's been a long time, things change, and....we'll see how I do.  

We have had quite a bit of snow. It's still piled around the house, and by the alley. Last Sunday I was out shoveling, making a path to our car, and was gonna work around it so I could get the car out on Monday. A good samaritan with a really big tractor, and bucket stopped on the street. Backed up to me, and he cleaned around my car, pushed snow off sidewalk down to the alley, cleared my driveway and the neighbor next door, and I was so very happy for him to come by like that. I never got to talk to him, but thanked him many times. Neighbor across street didn't know who he was, but complimented how nice that was of him to do that. 

I did get some thrifting done by myself on days it didn't snow, and it was sunny. So, I've added more to the supplies, things to repurpose with, and I have picked up a few vintage pieces that I truly need to get listed. I think I am going to go into Etsy, and start there again. I just need to work on revising everything, updating it, rewording some things....since it has been a very long time for any activity there. 

Here are a few pictures of some things I have recently gotten to work with, or some vintage pieces too. Looks like a couple of pictures didn't make it here that show some more glassware I had gotten along with some glass salt pepper shakers too. And, I got some big old thread wooden spools that have thread on them too. I love crafting, and I do love my vintage pieces I can find too. Above here is a bronze plate that production was stopped for it back in 1979. Now with some of the other pictures are you seeing some possibilities of things I can make? Getting some ideas? As I come along with making things I will make sure I picture it, and share it with you too. 

I want to thank you all for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Glad to have you, and hope to see you again soon. Till the next time...Toodles!

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