Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beware Bloggers, Careful of Pics You Use in Your Blogs

Beware Bloggers, Careful of Pics You Use in Your Blogs. This is something that is a growing issue, and that many people everywhere on the internet need to be careful of. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone, and glad to have you here. I apologize for being late today, extremely late it appears. I have been roaming through a few blogs, news flashes with yahoo, reading on google, and etc. There is a lot out there to see, and read. I could get lost with it sometimes too. Know what I mean? 

As Pinterest became more popular, the idea of pinning things you found on the internet was a neat idea! Sometimes we see something sooo cute we want to save that picture for a reminder, or to also share in other ways with others as well. As I have always mentioned, and have it noted in my side bar, I do not mind things being shared from here. It's an honor, and a privilege when someone wants to pass along what you have shared. But, keep mind that some of the pictures and articles from here are written by me, and sometimes things come from other places that I do respectfully try to note to you the names, places, and share the links with you too.

Pictures on the internet is a very big thing. Many like to view, many like to dream, others will share, some people copy the pictures for their needs, and will wrongfully say how it is something that they did. Keep in mind there are some people who make a living with their pictures, photographers, designers, artists, and so on. They also like to be seen as the rest of us do showing our work, what we found, and the things we can do, and are capable of doing too. So, why ruin it for those who trust that far with sharing things on the internet? 

I myself am a casual blogger, and I have learned my way into blogging by watching many others, reading what others had to offer, what they did, how they did it, etc. I learned soon that sometimes a post with a picture looked rather nice, and was quite appealing too. Kind of like eye candy in a store. Gets the attention, and is appealing to read further. Over time it appeared that many would get their pictures from images at google, and within other search engines too. Yes, some would share their own pictures as well. Along with these pictures some shared where they came from, or who they belonged to. Sometimes the pictures had nothing shared with them of where they originated from. With the pictures you would see different disclaimers being noted about using images, and etc. Yet, some of these things done is still not good enough to protect ourselves with. There is so much out there to learn about the copy right laws, about the photos that are actually approved to be used at random by others that we find, about using pictures of others without approval. Then, of course, the worst of it is what can, and will come of it when someone is sued by the original owner to the picture being used. 

With Fair Use it does not matter if you:
• link back to the source noting the photographers name
• you did it innocently
• if you have a disclaimer on your site
• if you didn't claim the photo was yours
• if you remove a picture upon request from your site it still does not remove you from what charges that they can still file against you

So many more things to mention, but know that it does not release you from liability. You are violating copyright if you have not gotten a permission from the copyright holder, or using the pictures of a public domain, creative commons, etc. 

So, what to do?
1.) If you are using images from the internet without approval on your blogs and places, know that you could be violating copyrights, and could be sued for it too. The chance of this really happening is not high, but it could really happen. 

2.) Need to search for photos that are approved for use without any issues. 
Creative Commons photos that are free to use. This means that the photo would have to be attributed to the owner, and link back to their site.
Wikimedia Commons has some free media files that anyone can use. 
• You could always buy a subscription to a stock photo site. Some of them can be pricey, so you might want to shop around too.
• Find photos that are in the public domain that can be used.

3.) You could also take your own photos, and share the love with others too. 

4.) As always use sites like Pinterest, or even Tumblr with caution. When you pin something to sites like that you are claiming you have a legal right to that picture. If by chance the owner of the photo would come after the company for violations, you will be the responsible party. 

5.) Safest thing to do would be to assume that all pictures you see have a copyright with it. If you are not 100% sure if you can legally use it, then don't use it. Better to be safe. 

So, please protect yourselves, and also remember to respect the rights of others. I am in no way someone with a legal background, but am offering you advice from many horror stories that have been read on the internet, and stories about some reporting of these things happening to them legally. Keep in mind that this does not only apply to blogging, but also places like Facebook too. I hope that maybe this will help you think a little bit before copying that next picture, maybe sharing something you are not suppose to share, and keep in mind the rights of others too.

Thanks so much for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams this evening. It has been a pleasure as always, and I look forward to you visiting again. Take care everyone, and see you again soon.



  1. Your blog this evening caught my eye as I am trying to catch up with my reading. I appreciate your advice and I know what you mean. I have seen how some people claim it theirs when in reality it is not. I do pop in, but just been a little busy with hubby's health issues, working and working on a commission lap quilt. I do miss being able to read as often as I like. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

  2. Shirley, so sweet to have you stopping in, and taking the time for lil old me:) Thank You! I do hope that hubby is getting along ok. Always hate to hear of someone having issues. Sounds like a big job you have with the commission quilt. Hope that all goes well with it, and it comes out the way you wish with all of your hard work. I know you are always busy, but hope you are also taking care of yourself too. Stay well my Missouri Friend, and thanks for taking the time to visit with Me. Have a wonderful weekend!:)