Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Folding Room Dividers Original and Make Overs

Pretty much like the room divider I have now, and below are ideas I will cover a little bit with everyone....Have fun creating!!

Folding Room Dividers Original, and Makeovers can be so much fun.

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Come on in a little closer, and let's have a look at what I am discussing today. 

The very first picture is a very close resemblance to what I have at home now. I got it a few years ago from a garage sale, and just had to have it. Well, here it sits still looking at me. I often think I will just get rid of it, then I think no there is something I know I could do with this, and back and forth it goes.  The pictures I am sharing with you I got all of them when I searched Bing for folding room dividers, they are not mine, and are not things that I did.

This particular room divider I have has all the spaces, and pieces there for me to add pictures as you see with the black divider. I have thought about getting another divider, and putting them together too. I have often thought of not adding family or friend pictures, but instead add some pictures of things I like. Maybe use some scrapbook paper in the places available, some curtains or material added to this piece would be adorable, and I even like the idea of adding few mirrors on it too. 

So many possibilities to do this with this. Yesterday (Tues) I had the opportunity to have another one in my possession. I had visited a Good Will store I had not been to in quite some time. Remember, I am downsizing big time, so I have worked very hard on not picking up anything big to bring home. So much temptation, but so far, so good. Anyway, yesterday I seen another divider like the one I have. All the glass panels were missing, and the spots were all left open. It pretty much was just the wood framing, light wood, not bad condition, and only $2. What a deal that would have been, and did I fight temptation big, big time with this too!

Instead, I offered my ideas to another customer who was looking at it, and showing concern. After making conversation with her she was trying to think of something for her grand daughter to do when she visited. Here I go...I started giving her ideas of some things she might consider. I suggested painting the wood to match for a girl, add in some pieces to make chalkboards for the lil girl, maybe add in some cork board tiles with the chalkboard pieces she could do, add in some scrapbook paper, put on some curtains, put behind her lil desk to make it more of a message/picture center, and the list went on. I suggested she could also use it in a bedroom as maybe a headboard, and threw a few other ideas at her. 

Well, the item sold for $2, and it wasn't to Me. The woman I talked with so enjoyed my ideas, and thoughts she was taking it home for her use. Whew! I am still downsizing...LOL:) But, I also know that I will not be getting rid of my folding room divider. It will stay with Me, and will be a working project for Me. 

Thanks all for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams. I have enjoyed it, and hope you all found this lil tid bit of sharing enjoyable, and maybe helpful to you as well. Take care everyone, Have a wonderful day, and see you again soon. 

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