Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ruby Lane Ruby Plaza Changes Happen by End of Year

Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza Changes are Happening by the End of the Year. 

Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! If you have not already heard, or maybe need a reminder  about Ruby Lane's sister sight called Ruby Plaza, it will be closing by the end of the year. At Ruby Plaza you were able to sell your items of new, and not vintage. Many sellers who do online sales enjoyed that there were 2 sights they could work with selling their items. Earlier in the year it had been announced that Ruby Lane would be closing their sister site of Ruby Plaza. The site is still active for those who are selling there, and the sellers there were also given the option of moving some of their things into Ruby Lane too. Now, for those who are still there selling, it is best that you visit the site so that during the process of my discussion there is no misinterpretations of the rules, and the changes for you too. 

Like with any other market place when this happens many questions can flood your minds. A big question especially of what do I do now? Where can I sell my items that are not considered vintage, how do I sell some of these items that are maybe new, I buy from Thrift Stores and different places to resell. So where can I sell these items at now? There are many market places out there, and you will hear all kinds of stories about them. Unfortunately, you will have to find the one that feels good for you, that works for you, and that you can agree with also. 

There is Ecrater to consider which you can sell a little bit of everything there. Paypal, and Google Wallet are both accepted there for payment processors. No listing fees, or final value fees. There is Etsy which is for handmade, supplies, aritisans, media, repurposed, upcycled, and vintage is also sold there as well. They have paypal, and a direct checkout that is offered with their payment services. Listings are .20 cents for up to 4 months, and then there is a 3.5% final value fee. Of course Ebay is still around, and still the biggest place to be selling your wares with. They offer paypal for their payment services. No listing fees, final value fees are 9%, and there is also a final value fee they charge with your shipping charges too. Each place has their own visibility, some are straight selling with a buy it now price, and like with Ebay that is auctions along with buy it now prices too.

Now, some already have a website, or maybe have websites they have been working on. These are services you can pay for along with cost of shopping cart services, or some use free website services, and use the widgets from different market places that are offered as well. They then will buy their own domains for this as well. Don't forget there are many who will also use their Blogs. With their blogs they might offer buy it now buttons, or also offer widgets to visit for different places too. With most of the people who Blog you can contact, and they would also be happy to invoice you for an item that you are interested with as well. 

Many options, many things available, but it is up to you with your choices of what can, and will work for you. I hope that this bit of information was helpful to some of you who are still deciding, or needed some ideas. Hey, don't forget you are always welcome to offer something that I have not covered, or added too. 

Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams everyone. See you again soon.



  1. and Amazon are two other selling venues where you can sell just about anything. Bonanza has free listing for unlimited time, and $.50 minimum per final offer fee or 3.5%, whichever is more. Bonanza is free, but you can buy a monthly membership starting at $10 a month for a few extra bells and whistles.

    Amazon I believe is more like ebay.

  2. Victoria,
    Thanks for sharing that...I forgot about them. Amazon is so big, but I still forget it, and Bonanza I use to list there too. Thanks for visiting, and sharing with us all today:)

    Syed Zeeshan Ali...thanks for the visit today, and your kind words:)

    Ya'll have a wonderful day!:)